Lake Tyrrell

Many of our guests come to see and photograph spectacular Lake Tyrrell.  We want your Lake Tyrrell experience to be a memorable highlight so follow our tips to make it happen.

The colours at Lake Tyrrell are best enjoyed in the last 10 minutes before sunset or the first few minutes after sunrise. Sunset times change a lot from summer to winter so make sure you check the times. Plan to head to the lake from Sea Lake at least 1 hour before sunset or meet your tour guide  at your pre-arranged time

Everyone is keen to go to the lake when there is water in the lake. Water in Lake Tyrrell can mean knee deep in the winter, loads of mud, and freezing cold, or just ankle deep in the summer and hot. Every day at Lake Tyrrell is different and with a little planning you will see something special.
It can still be very hot if you go to the Lake too early in the summer and it can get very dark quickly in the winter.
To walk over the salt, the mud, and the scrub to get to the water you need to be able to safely balance and protect your feet. In the summer as the salt dries it can be sharp and spikey so tough shoes that are waterproof will be best and safest.
To get reflection photos you need to be in the water. You may need to walk a long way to get to the water and we really don’t want you to drive your vehicle off the tracks to try and get closer to the water. The dust, mud, slippery edges and the surface of the lake all make it easy to get your car bogged and stuck in Lake Tyrrell.  It can cost $350 or more to get it out. Your car will then be damaged from the salt, so please don’t drive off the tracks.  Take a torch with you to help find your way back to your car when it’s dark.
*If you’d prefer a fully escorted tour book with Julie at Sea Lake Tyrrell Tours on 0487972752.
When you leave the Sea Lake Motel turn right onto the Highway. You will drive north through the little town of Sea Lake and head past the Caltex Service Station to Mildura – see the big green sign.  Travel about 15km from the Motel past a sign to Tyrrell Creek and then even past the sign to the Viewing Platform.  (There is some information on signs at the viewing platform that you can read but it’s not the best spot for your walk on the lake or to see it in all its glory.)
Continue on the highway and on your right is a road called Saltworks Road. This road is a dirt road and you need to be careful. It can be muddy, it can be dry, it can be rocky, so just take care. Drive up the road then when you come to the top of the hill and look out just over the hill and think “Wow!”, stop on the side of the road. Breathe. Look.  Enjoy. Take a photo.  (If you left 1 hour before sunset there will be about 45 minutes left now.)  Take your photo from the top of the hill and look through your binoculars for any sign of water. The water can move, be blown around, or evaporate from one day to the next.
Time to get your bearings and decide where to from here. Bear in mind that you only drive on the track so if you see water in the distance you need to park close to the edge and walk with all your camera gear, wearing your rainy boots or mud shoes through the scrub over the muddy edges and then on to the salt. Being out on the salt is really like fairy land. When you are in the middle and all you can see is water or pink you will feel like you are in another world.  Hoping you only took half an hour to get to here from your parked car and it is now 15 more minutes till sunset.  If you stand still now and take photos in every direction you will see the very amazing changes that happen. The reflection now becomes only one of the things you might see. You might see the moon and stars come up too and that’s another brilliant sight.